Centering On God


The MO District NYI exists to assist and empower local churches and youth groups in making Christlike Disciples of our students.  COG is just one event during the year when we try to accomplish this purpose.  So, here’s all you need to know about COG 2018 !!!

The PURPOSE of this event is to create an environment where students can Center On God and truly experience Him through…

  • Intimate Praise & Worship
  • Dynamic & Truthful preaching of God’s Holy Word, the Bible
  • Times of Prayer & personal reflection
  • Connection in small group interaction
  • Taking a break from the regular schedule of life
  • The beautiful scenery & peace of Pinecrest Campground


  • Students in grades 7-12 are invited to participate in the experience
  • Adult Sponsors age 21 & older with Background Check & Pastor’s Recommendation
  • Worship Leaders – Kate Ratliff & Team from Gateway Nazarene Church
  • Special Speaker – Dr. Brady Braatz-MNU Chaplain
  • Directors – Pastor Jeff & Monica Roever


  • District wide youth event that helps students experience the Living Christ Jesus


  • Pinecrest Camp & Conference Center in Fredericktown, MO
  • More specifically, in your Heart, Mind, Body & Soul !!!


  • By the power of the Holy Spirit
  • However, you will probably need a church van, bus, car or bicycle to get to the actual event!!


  • Friday & Saturday, Nov 2-3, 2018 (and every day thereafter for the rest of your life!!)


  • Because this is what God wants us to do!!  (Silly Rabbit, Jesus is for people!!)
  • Because the benefits of COG will be amazing in this life & bless you for eternity!!

We can’t wait to see you at COG 2018!!  Please text or call if you have any questions!!

Registration Forms:

COG 2018, Student Application

COG 2018, Sponsor Application

Thanks, God’s Best!!

Pastor Jeff & Monica Roever

(Pastor Jeff 636.219.3912    Monica 636.352.8761)