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Scholarship Opportunities

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Every year the Missouri district awards scholarships to MNU students.  We give three incoming freshman to MNU $500.00 and one returning MNU student receives $1, 296.49. All forms and recommendations are due April 28, 2023.  

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Incoming Freshman: Must be from the Missouri district and starting your freshman year at MNU in fall of 2023.

  • Returning Student: Must be from the Missouri district and have completed at least one semester at MNU, and be returning in the fall of 2023 to MNU.   

For questions please email Pastor Rebecca Hopke at 




Incoming Freshman Scholarship  

Each year the Missouri District NYI awards three incoming freshmen to MNU a scholarship for $500 each. The criterion is based on district involvement, spiritual growth, and financial need. To apply for this scholarship you must be a Missouri District senior in high school who will be starting as a freshman at MNU during Fall 2023.  Please make sure to have your Pastor fill out the recommendation form as well. 

MNU Incoming Freshman Scholarship form 

Pastoral Recommendation form


MNU Endowment Scholarship

The Missouri Endowment Fund was established in conjuncture with MNU to help provide a Christian higher education for as many of our Missouri students as possible. Our goal is to continually build this fund to offer greater scholarships to our Missouri students. This year, we will be rewarding one scholarship to a returning MNU Missouri district student. To be eligible for this scholarship you must currently be a student at MNU and be returning to MNU for the fall 2023 semester. Please make sure to have your Pastor fill out the recommendation form, along with TWO other people that will fill out the Personal Reference google form. 

MNU Endowment Scholarship form

Personal Reference form

Pastoral Recommendation Form

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