There are many different places in the New Testament where Paul talks about the importance of the Body of Christ and how everyone has a place in the Church. BLAST is the perfect place to discover, hone, and share the talents God has given you! At BLAST you have the opportunity to get together with other teens around the Missouri District and show us the things you are passionate about. We already offer a variety of sporting and talent events to participate in but as we continue to grow we would love to continue to add ways that you can show off what God has blessed you with!


Keep in mind that BLAST is a precursor to MAX @ MNU, and is similar in many ways to prepare you to be a part of the field event.  This event will be hosted at Bowling Green Church of the Nazarene.  And the price is only $10!!  So start planning, prepping and practicing to be a part of this amazing event.

We can't wait to see you there on



Jon Griggs -