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What is NYC?

• A 4-day youth conference for high school students
• Ministry With Others community service projects that impact the host city
• Plenary sessions featuring engaging speakers and creative artists
• Worship services led by a skilled worship band
• Live concerts featuring top Christian recording artists
• Daily teachings that challenge and unite students
• Resources students can take home after the event
• Interactive experiences designed for group discipleship and creative learning
• Recreation Hall with individual and group activities, games, and exhibits

cost and payment schedule

Cost: $1, 650.00 per person

Deadlines, prices, and regulations are for Students and Adults. 

The following dealines for payments must be met:

  • $ 450.00 Initial deposit-paid in full and postmarked by October 1st 2022

  • $ 400.00 Payment #2-paid in full and postmarked by December 2nd 2022

  • $ 400.00 Payment #3-paid in full and postmarked by February 3rd 2023

  • $ 400.00 Payment #4-paid in full and postmarked by April 7th 2023

Please include a list of all persons the check is paying for.  Every payment should be sent via one church check, along with the payment submission form.  Please send all payments to:

Kaylha Mcgee

Harvester Church of the Nazarene

3115 McClay Rd

St. Peters, MO 63376

Checks should be made out to Missouri District (write NYC 2023 on memo)

how to register 

The registration process this year is different than any other NYC.  Everything is being done digitally with the exception of payments.


Registration Process & Policies: 

  1. Student expresses intrest to a local church or district NYI.

  2. District emails registration link to the submitted parent email.

  3. Parent fills out the registration online.  Parent submits the $450.00 deposit to the church so that the local church can send it out by the October 1st deadline. 

  4. Students will continue to send in payments to the local church following the deadline schedule.  

  5. Any payments received after the postmarked deadline will incur a $25.00 late fee.  

  6. Any and all payments are final and nonrefundable.

  7. Student is registered for NYC on both event and district levels, but must still submit payment through their local church on time to be registered for event.  

  8. Sponsor process is exactly as above, but does not require the involvement of a parent. 

NYC 2023 Info Packet

 Email Coordinator Kaylha Mcgee

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