(Centering On God)

COG is an experience like no other.  We took youth camp, put it on steroids, pushed the fast forward button, and then threw it in a blender set to crazy!!!  It is AMPED UP!!!

Yet, the schedule is  slow e d    d  o  w  n...

Just enough to allow students time to encounter God in unique ways.


Our Purpose is to create an environment where students can

Center On God and experience Him through…


  • Intimate Praise & Worship

  • Dynamic & Truthful Preaching of The Word

  • Time for Personal Reflection & Prayer

  • Connection in Small Group interaction

  • Getting a break from regular schedule of life

  • Beautiful scenery & peace of Pinecrest Camp


You gotta go to COG ’19 !!!


This event is for Jr. High and High School students and adult sponsors age 21 and older.  We hope you'll make plans to join us for our next event on


November 1-2, 2019

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Pastor Jeff Roever -

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